Local Musician Uno Lady Releases Meditative Film and Album

Cleveland musician Christa Ebert aka Uno Lady is well known around this area for her unusual and creative sonic output in which she manipulates and layers her own voice electronically to create her dense, dreamy pieces.

She’s now released what could be considered her “pandemic work,” a short ambient experimental film called Grounded, intended as a meditative piece to inspire wellness and mindfulness. It consists of a series of brief pieces that blend together in a soothing stream.

Ebert filmed most of the animated stop-motion images — primarily nature related, including flowers, bees and clouds — in her backyard. They’re augmented with drawings and animations by artist Sequioa Bostick. She then provided a soundtrack featuring her signature layered vocals, as well as synths, bells and sounds from nature and, on the track “Breathe,” words from meditation teacher Latoya Kent.

 “The purpose of Grounded is to help people find peace in the present moment and offer kindness and healing through these difficult times,” she says.  The film debuted last month and is available to watch here. A full album featuring 20 tracks will be digitally released January 12; that’s available here.



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