Artists Share Their Projects to Raise Awareness of Plastic Pollution

Wed 1/13 @ 6PM

Plastic pollution is a major global issue. And while Art Hats, a project launched in 2019 by the Urban Bright Art Residency at Art House, Inc., won’t make a dent in the deluge of plastics blanketing the Earth and clogging up the ocean, what it does do is raise awareness of the issue.

Artist Ron Shelton, who publishes of online arts magazine High Art Fridays (HAF), enlisted 23 third-grader to make plastic “Art Hats,” after sharing with them information about how plastics are impacting our environment. That expanded into a global project involving ten artists from Northeast Ohio as well as artists from Los Angeles, Korea, Ghana and the UK.

Want to learn more? HAF Connects is hosting a panel discussion on Wednesday January 13 @ 6pm with several of the participating artists. They’ll share information about plastic pollution as well as the process of creating their Art Hats. Artists include Shelton, Gina Washington, Chester Hopkins Bey, Lolita Wilson and Kole Robinson Brooks, along with Lynne Chapman from the UK and Patrick Tago Turkson from Ghana.

Go here to listen.

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