Radio on the Lake Theatre Presents “The Birds”

Fri 1o/30 @ 7PM

Once upon a time, back before there was TV, families gathered around the radio to listen to news, music, comedy and suspenseful drama, where imagination had to do much of the work. (This backfired in 1938, when a broadcast of the H.G. Wells science fiction drama The War of the Worlds, about a Martian invasion of Earth, caused panic among some listeners who took it to be a news broadcast.)

The northeast Ohio-based company, Radio on the Lake Theatre, is devoted to bringing back those old-school radio plays. This week it’s bringing to life another scary script: the radio play-version of The Birds, the short story by Daphne DeMaurier, which was turned into the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film of the same name, in which birds become the enemy of humanity and go on the attack.

Although a radio play would seem to be tailor-made for streaming, Radio on the Lake was actually planning on doing a socially distanced live performance at its outdoor space in Shaker Heights. However, due to iffy weather and the surge in COVID-19 cases in Ohio, it’s decided to do the performance only online.  Email Caroline Breder-Watts at to reserve your spot. It’s free.

Radio on the Lake Theatre

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