The Musical Theater Project Takes on Judy Garland’s “Summer Stock”


Fri 8/7 @ 7PM

The 1950 film Summer Stock is definitely a mid-20th-century period piece. Who even remembers summer stock theater, those summer-only operations where a resident company, ranging from college kids to community members to professionals, put on a short season of mostly light entertainment, often in a barn? (The venerable Rabbit Run Theatre in Madison, Ohio is one such theater).

In an old-fashioned “let’s put on a show in the barn, kids!” storyline, Judy Garland and Gene Kelly hoofed, sang and acted up a storm in blazing Technicolor. While the lightly romantic storyline is a throwaway, the film features one of Garland’s signature songs “Get Happy.”

Summer Stock will be the topic of the next Zoom film discussion hosted by Bill Rudman, artistic director of Cleveland’s The Musical Theater Project. First, watch Bill’s introduction to the film here, telling you what to look for. Then watch it on Amazon Prime, YouTube or iTunes.

Finally, register for the discussion Friday August 7, and log on to hear Bill’s thoughts and participate in a Q&A. It’s free.


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