Make a Steak Dinner at Home With EDWINS’ Brandon Chrostowski

Sun 8/9 @ 6PM

Want to upgrade your Sunday dinner this week? Brandon Chrostowski, founder of EDWINS Leadership and Restaurant Institute which trains people returning from prison in culinary skills, is putting a spin on the increasingly popular online cooking classes local chefs have been hosting. He’ll send you an entire meal kit, and then show your how to put it all together as you cook with Brandon in your home via University Circle Connects.

The kits, which include steak, summer vegetables and fresh nut cake, provide the ingredients to make Mediterranean rubbed skirt steak with summer vegetables en papillote. The $50 kit serves four so it’s quite a bargain. They can be picked up at EDWINS Butcher Shop on Buckeye just off Shaker Square on Friday and from 10am-6pm or Saturday from 10am-4pm.

Go here to sign up.

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