Learn About Sharks During Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s Fin Fest

Sun 8/9-Sun 8/16

Long before the 1975 film Jaws, people have been fascinated by sharks. It was undoubtedly that fascination that drove the creation of the film, as well as made it a blockbuster which is now back in drive-in theaters. Every story about a sharp attack, such as the recent killing of a woman of the coast of Maine, is big news, although such attacks are rare. Only about four people are killed each year by sharks, while humans are responsible for the deaths of some 100 million sharks.

So sharks are the subject of fascination in captivity, at places such as the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, which will be celebrating shark week from Sunday August 9 through Sunday August 16 as part of its annual Fin Fest.

“Clearly our fascination with sharks has not diminished, but shark mania can perpetuate lot of shark myths,” says Aquarium curator Ray Popik. “They have this bloodthirsty reputation, but these are amazing animals that help keep their aquatic ecosystems in balance by removing weak and sick animals and the decline in their populations is alarming.”

The week will feature shark-themed videos which tell their story and what they contribute to the health of the oceans, and Popik will be hosting a free “Ask Us Any-Fin” livestream event on Wednesday, August 12 @ 6:30pm, which you can register for here. Visitors to the Aquarium will get to see the four different types of sharks who lie there, and during the week, kids will get a temporary tattoo and a make-and-take shark kit free with admission.


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