Countryside Farmers Market Holds Its Annual Tomato Tasting — Virtually

Sun 8/16 @ 11AM-noon

Mid-August is peak harvest time for tomatoes, ripe and juicy and fresh off the fine. It’s one of summer’s highlights. And one of Countryside Farmers Market’s summer highlights is its annual tomato tasting, which shares some of the wide range of different varieties out there.

This year, sadly, that’s not happening. But it’s joined with Chase the Flavor to host a VIRTUAL tomato tasting. Good grief, how do you taste tomatoes on Zoom, you’re probably asking yourself? Well, what actually happens is participants will visit the weekly market at Howe Meadow on Saturday August 15 to collect the 10-15 tomato varieties and other recipe ingredients to take home. They can pre-order a prepared box or purchase what they want from the vendors with a provided list.

Then, on Sunday they can log onto the Zoom meeting for a tomato recipe and a Q&A session with tomato experts Jimmy and Cassondra Myers to learn about the various tomatoes, their tastes and their uses. People who don’t or can’t come to the market can log onto the event too to learn more about tomatoes. It’s free, although there’s a suggested $20 donation to help support the market.

Go here to register.


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