VIDEO: Creativity in the Time of COVID

Poets, writers and educators Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger write books and poetry for kids and adults and instructional books for teachers at international schools teaching English and writing.

Hear how they’ve pivoted after the pandemic hit, when an entire season of gigs traveling to conferences and school worldwide were cancelled overnight. Then a major publisher pulled out of a book contract.

Undaunted, they immediately hired Cleveland artist Scott Pickering, a local web developer, and an editor in Singapore, never skipped a beat, and are ready to launch their new book, all on their own.

Sara & Michael also discuss techniques for how to inspire yourself as an artist, and why everything you create should first be called, “Version One.” View the video here.


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  1. Darlene D Montonaro

    Loved seeing all the great work you are doing around the world, and the pictures! And so good to see two dearly missed faces. Good luck on the book, and congrats for all you do for kids and teachers!

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