To Reinvent Everything

We hear about American Exceptionalism. 

The US has 4% of the world’s population and 25% of the infections and deaths. Are we really exceptional, or just exceptionally slow?

What’s interesting is how our artists and creatives are showing us how to face reality, how to pivot, and how to reinvent just about everything.

CoolCleveland talks with poets and educators Sara Holbrook & Michael Salinger who lost all their teaching gigs and a major book contract overnight. So they thought about it for a weekend and decided to self-publish and kick up their marketing.

Can’t assemble an audience for live shows? Maelstrom puts on live performances in their storefronts for sidewalk audiences. Can’t present live dance? DANCECleveland kicks off a virtual dance festival, and you can shimmy along from your own bedroom. Can’t hang out in a jazz club? BOP STOP launches state-of-the-art streamed concerts.

A new spirit is all around us. There’s nothing we can’t do. It’s time to take control and get creative.

–Thomas Mulready

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