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WFH: Working From Home.

We’re all getting the hang of it. And many of us will never go back. We don’t blame you for staying home, fixing things up and staying safe.

Rather than tease you with each inevitable re-opening (and the equally inevitable second wave), CoolCleveland is re-focused on socially distanced outdoor fun, safe online alternatives, and updating your digs for what might be a long lockdown.

You’ve got a long to-do list, and the Lakewood Tool Box has the tools. Your space needs a little something to add that spark, and the Starving Artist Drive-Through, the MadeCleveland directory and Cleveland Bazaar’s online guide will keep you shopping local. You’re feeling your neck and back from Zooming all day, and OT Chris Cowen specializes in virtual sessions to identify your pains and recommend stretches, positioning and furnishings to help.

We have a window of opportunity to make lasting changes to our lives: flex time at work, broadband as a universal right, online access to education, social justice for black lives and LGBTQ this month and forever more. Answering the census, registering to vote and electing the right representatives are the most powerful tools you have.

But the window is closing. Let’s get it right this time.

–Thomas Mulready

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