Cast Iron Lovers Gather at the Coit Road Farmers Market

Sat 7/18 @ 8AM-6PM

The Ohio Regional Cast Iron Enthusiasts have made the Coit Road Farmers Market their regular gathering spit for their annual gathering. And because the market is diligently observing safety and health protocols and because its building has a large, open pavilion (with a roof in case it rains), the 7th annual gathering is going on as scheduled.

Market manager Kevin Scheuring has posted, “I met with the health department and she has no concerns about this event.”

So what’s it about? It’s a group of mostly enthusiastic home cooks who swear by old-fashioned cast iron cookware for its superior heat retention properties. And despite the market takeoff by aluminum non-stick pots and pans, cast iron has its devoted cult. At this event, they trade tips on cooking with and care of cast iron, buy and sell cookware and just hang out, eat, drink and socialize.

The market opens at 8am and runs through 1pm, but the cast iron party goes on until 6pm. The event is free and all are welcome.


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