VIDEO: Making and Selling Art in the Age of COVID


Scott Pickering is an intense visual artist and drummer with a rabid following whose work has been sidelined during the recent lockdown. Jim Lanza creates historical Cleveland art on wood, organizes art fairs and usually attends about 50 festivals a year to sell his art.

All that has changed. But neither artist is feeling sorry for themselves. Instead, they have developed creative, inspirational strategies for keeping themselves productive, staying in touch with their fans and customers, and keeping the cash flowing. Pickering has ramped up his Instagram presence, and Lanza is developing his own scaled-down event to showcase his art.

In the meantime, Lanza developed the Cleveland Starving Artist’s Drive-Thru, inspired by the cheesy sofa art sales you’d see on TV.

In this video with CoolCleveland, they engage in a wide-ranging discussion about the crisis, their responses, and their tangible strategies. View the video here.

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