Upcycle Parts Launches Snail Mail Cheer Club

“We still miss your faces,” begins the email from Nicole McGee, founder of Upcycle Parts Shop on St. Clair, a nonprofit which offers donated, upcycled materials for “creative reuse” in art-making and hosts crafting workshops for all ages.

I think we can all relate. But she’s come up with an idea to connect people in an old fashioned way. The Snail Mail Cheer Club will connect you with others via your mailbox.

Here’s how you take part. First you look around your house for materials you can reuse to make upbeat upcycled cards. Then sign up here.

Put all your Cheer in an envelope (one envelope is fine) and mail them to the address you’ll get when you sign up. Then you’ll get back one or two pieces made by others taking part. Any extra pieces will be sent to people named by those who participate or to groups the organizers know. All the pieces will be documented online for all to admire to hopefully inspire still more creativity.

It’s free to take part and they’ll even send you back a stamp to make up for the one you used to send them your Cheer (or you can use it send still more!)

It’s not Upcycle Parts’ first foray into such a program. More than three years, it co-hosted the Cleveland Postcard Club, where subscribers received a series of one-of-e-kind cards handmade from recycled materials.

As for Upcycle Parts’ upcoming plans, they say, “We are not reopening for shopping or accepting donations in May, but we are making plans for how to safely and effectively reopen our storefront. We’re also making plans for offering our traditional programming in new ways. With that in mind, we’re crafting a survey and we would really like you to give us your input. It’s coming at you soon and we’re already grateful for your input. Keep your eyes open!”


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