Paper Flower Business Love, Anji Celebrates 7th Anniversary


Many Clevelanders got to know Anji Brooks’ business Love, Anji Paper Florist when she began to appear at local maker markers and fleas back in 2012. Her handmade paper flower arrangements, inspired by her allergy to real flowers, stood out both for their beauty and the fact that no one was doing anything like them.

Brooks celebrated the seventh anniversary of her business in April looking back on the changes it’s undergone through those years. She moved from pop-up markets and fleas to a kiosk at the 5th Street Arcades in 2013 and eventually a storefront there in 2015, and then to a larger storefront in 2017, adding cards, stationery and gift items. Recently, with more online orders and wholesale orders spanning shops in nine states, she closed the storefront.

Brooks was in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria hit, making the crisis there personal to her, and she has continued to raise funds to support the ongoing and still incomplete relief efforts there. She sees her flowers that never fade as something that can lift people’s spirits while they’re separated from their loved ones.

She says, “My vision for this business has always been to add beauty to people’s day. I pour so much love into each and every one of my flowers and I hope people can feel that. I’m grateful that I’m still able to spread love across the country.”

Go here to check out what Love, Anji offers.


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