Ohio Farm Explores Cutting-Edge Food Safety Techniques

There’s been a lot of discussion, as the push to “reopen the economy” prematurely has succeeded, of how to keep people safe and healthy when they go out, and how to handle protecting people even when it actually IS safe to go to places such as restaurants again. Some Ohio businesses are already ahead of the curve in working on solutions.

The Chef’s Garden, located in Huron, Ohio, grows specialty produce, primarily for chefs around the country (although home chefs can buy a box too; go here), using sustainable farming techniques. It’s dedicated to the health of the soil, its produce and the people who work for it and buy from it.

The Chef’s Garden is sharing detailed information about the technology it’s using to keep its employees safe in its packing and shipping process, using technology that’s been effectively against previous viruses. It says it’s the only farm using the technology for fresh produce.

“This goes above and beyond best practices to help ensure that our team in the packing and shipping room is protected, and the produce that we deliver to our partners — meaning our customers — is protected, as well,” says Bob Jones Jr. of The Chef’s Garden.

The air purification system, created by Dayton-based Extreme Microbial Technologies, involves a three-stage process that pulls air in through a high-efficiency particulate filter, with hydrogen peroxide plasma passed through that air. This creates a continually purifying system that constantly disinfects and removes contaminants. The Chef’s Garden began using this technology almost a year ago, well before COVID-19 appeared on the horizon. That’s in addition to its usual food safety procedures.

Extreme Microbial Technologies itself got the jump on the pandemic. Since 2016, it’s been developing systems to “reduce the dangers of illness caused by bacteria, viruses, molds and mildew in offices, production facilities, schools, restaurants, homes and more, as well as helping indoor growers protect plants and finished goods.”

In addition, check out The Chef’s Garden blog for an interesting and information article on the challenges restaurants face in reopening and some the strategies they could use to do so safety.



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