May Science Cafe Asks “Why Should You Trust Science?”

Mon 5/11 @ 7-8PM

“Talk Science, Drink Beer” is the slogan of the monthly Science Cafes at the Music Box Supper Club. It’s not quite time for them to reopen, so you’ll have to provide your own beer if you drop into this month’s Virtual Science Café.

The topic is “Why Should We Trust Science?” and hopefully, it will give you some ammo when that annoying cousin of yours asks “Why should we believe what medical experts say about COVID-19 when Trump tells us to trust his ‘gut’?”

Dr. Chris Haufe, a professor of philosophy at Case Western Reserve University, will talk about the conundrum presented by the fact that scientists once believed things that we’ve come to realize aren’t true, such as the idea that the sun, stars and other planets revolve around the Earth (or for that matter, that the Earth is flat).

Should we then just accept that our current scientific theories will be eventually disproven and simply distrust everything and go by astrology or tarot cards? How do we reconcile the idea that we should trust science above Trump’s gut with the knowledge that what we think we know now may be revised in the future?

Join Dr. Laufe and find out. And don’t inject bleach — the proof that it won’t cure COVID-19 is your death. Email to get the link to join the event.


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