Grandson of 1920s Cleveland Indians Player Shares His Stories

Sat 5/23 @ 1PM

Baseball is the ultimate summer sport, with its leisurely pace and its green outdoor fields, where it’s played on warm, sunny days. Even Little League is the quintessential summertime kids’ activity.

Alas, this summer is most likely doing to be baseball-free. But the Baseball Heritage Museum at League Park in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood is continuing its online programs, where you can explore baseball history, learn about stars of the past and listen to authors and experts share their love of the sport.

Their next program is part of a series focusing on the members of the Cleveland Indians’ 1920 championship team. Steve O’Neill was the catcher and after his playing days were done, a coach and manager. His grandson, Hank Novak, will be sharing his memories and his stories about players such as Babe Ruth, Hank Greenberg, Tris Speaker and Bob Feller.

“Our neighbors went to work, then came home to their families,” says Novak. “Ballplayers went to work, were cheered or booed, then went home to their families, often in working-class areas. In the off-season they had jobs as laborers, salesmen, clerks, and on and on. Players weren’t special other than getting to play games as adults. There are many stories of famous men that show that our parents and grandparents were all of one fabric.”

Novak will be joining the event via Zoom from his home in Texas. Register for the event here:


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