CMA Program Explores Using Art to Create a Peaceful Home Environment

Wed 5/13 @ noon-12:30PM

We’re all spending a lot more time in our homes right now, and that probably means being more aware of our surroundings, maybe thinking about hanging some more pictures that remind us of loved ones and happy times or being more bothered by all the cat hair accumulating in corners.

Cleveland Museum of Art curator Stephen Harris and educator/scholar Key Jo Lee are thinking about surroundings too, on a more aesthetic plan. The duo will conduct an online Desktop Dialogue on “The Comforts of Home. It revolves around the painting “Sandy and Her Husband” by 82-year-old African-American painter Emma Amos (who did her undergraduate work at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio). They’ll refer to other decorative works in CMA’s collection as well, exploring how art and design contribute to creating peaceful, restorative home setting.

Audience questions are encouraged during the live event. Go here to join.


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