Think Local If You’re Ordering Books Online

Otis, the Loganberry Books cat

Since you’re stuck inside, instead of complaining about the low quality of what’s on TV, this would be a great time to relax, turn it off, slow down and do some reading. Surely there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read or a topic you’ve been intending to explore, and you just never seemed to have the time. Now is that time.

And yes, you could go to Amazon, maybe save a few dollars, but this would be a great time to support one of northeast Ohio’s independent bookstores. They’re closed for browsing in-store, but all you can browse online or call to see if they’ve got that title you jotted down.

Mac’s Backs on Coventry offers a wide range of books dealing with food, politics, the arts and much more. They’ll ship free for orders over $25, and they’re donating $1 of each order to local organizations in need right now, including Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless and Literary Cleveland.

Tremont’s Visible Voice Books is open online 24/7, with their entire new and used inventory, which ranges from kids books, to graphic novels, to current affairs and cookbooks, available to browse online. If you have a title in mind, you can place an order at 216-961-0084 or You can arrange a time to pick up your order at curbside or have it shipped from USPS. By the way, its downstairs neighbor, Crust Pizza, is open for pickup and carryout as well. So grab a pizza to go with that book.

You can reach Larchmere Boulevard’s Loganberry Books at 216-795-9800 or, or visit their online bookstore. They only have a portion of their inventory on that site, but there’s a good chance they have the title you want so give them a call or drop them a line. They’re also shipping for free. Or go to their page at, which, they tell us, “is a relative newcomer to the scene, and promises to rival the convenience and breadth of that other online bookseller, but with proceeds going to your local bookseller. Our affiliate page features some basic and quirky categories, but you can search for any in-print title. Books are shipped directly to you from our distributor warehouse, which is super efficient from both a time and environmental standpoint.”


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