MANSFIELD: Notes on the Pandemic

The word “pandemic” is derived from the word “pandemonium” — or is it the other way around? No matter, since we’re really in the midst of both, and my point is, upheavals tend to highlight the weaknesses — or in some cases the strengths — of societies affected by the catastrophe, which in this case is the entire planet.

Unfortunately for us in America, it couldn’t have come at a worse time since we have a bumbling idiot in the White House, which is only making a bad situation far, far worse than it need be. Just take, for example, his refusal to lead by example and wear a mask. It’s easy to see what he’s up to; he wants to project a John Wayne, tough-guy image to his followers, who to a large extent are emulating him and eschewing masks also.

Mug shot of Tampa pastor Rodney Howard-Browne

But here’s where they’re demonstrating their monumental stupidity: It’s a 100% guarantee that no infected person is going to gain entry to the White House grounds, let alone get within ten yards of the orange-faced clown. So while he’s assured to be safe, his monumentally stupid followers are putting themselves and their families at grave risk. Duhhhh.

The coronavirus is making it increasingly clear that the majority of the Republican Party has turned into a doomsday cult. They are so hellbent on showing solidarity with their demented leader they are willing to die for the cause of preserving white male dominance and privilege. Indeed, many of them are of a mindset that they would rather be dead than live in a country — like South Africa after apartheid — where persons of color are in control of the levers of power via the ballot box.

Their great fear, of course, is retribution. They know how horribly people of color have been treated since our arrival on these shores in 1619 and further, they are completely aware of their absolute intransigence in regards to offering any meaningful apology — let alone providing reparations for the hundreds of years of damage their institutionalize racism has caused. They’d much rather die than make things right.

But rock-ribbed Republicans are not the only ones stuck on stupid at present. Doomsday conspiracy theorists are having themselves a grand ol’ field day. On one hand they are predicting that the “end is at hand” while other kooks are still echoing tRump’s nonsense that it’s all just a hoax. Talk about addled minds.

Not to denigrate anyone’s religion or belief system, but what is it about the men of faith (and by that I’m non-discriminatory; I do mean any and all faiths) that refuse orders to close their houses of worship? Police had to block the doors to mosques in some countries, and one fool down in Florida, a preacher at a megachurch and big-time tRump supporter, said that he had a “machine” that prevented the virus from entering his church. He had to be carted off to the pokey by the local sheriff, who happened to be a Republican.

But “it’s an ill wind that blows no one any good,” so with that in mind, all of you folks out there who are rock-solid in your belief that the end is near — realize there’s never been a Brink’s truck in any funeral that I’ve ever witnessed. So why don’t you send our nonprofit all of your money, you won’t need it in any Heaven you end up in. We were in the process of preparing to raise funds to build a new winery when this shit-storm hit the fan and could really use any donations.

In that way, just in case all of us are not taken up by the Rapture, at least your worldly wealth will do some good for those of us left behind. Reply to this posting and I’ll send you the address where you can send your check. Oh, and thanks in advance for your generosity. I’ll be sure to put in the good word with the Big Guy.

From CoolCleveland correspondent Mansfield B. Frazier Frazier’s From Behind The Wall: Commentary on Crime, Punishment, Race and the Underclass by a Prison Inmate is available in hardback. Snag your copy and have it signed by the author at http://NeighborhoodSolutionsIn

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