Maltz Museum Ramps Up Online Content

April 2 was the date that the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage would have held its awards ceremony for its 12th annual Stop the Hate essay contest for northeast Ohio students in grades 6-12. The event also features readings of some of the winning essays in which students talk about situations they’ve encountered and how they addressed them to make the world a more open and accepting place.

Sadly, this year’s crop of winners won’t get to stand in front of an audience and bask in the applause of their families and friends — not quite yet anyway. The event has been postponed until an as-yet-unannounced date later in the school year, and it will be a private event that will be livestreamed for public access.

The Maltz Heritage Award dinner, recognizing an outstanding community leader in helping to further tolerance and inclusion in northeast Ohio, has also been cancelled as a live event. This year’s winners, Richard K. Smucker and the J.M. Smucker Company, will be honored on the Maltz Museum’s website on the date originally scheduled for the dinner, Mon 5/11.

The museum is also working to ramp up sharing online events (such as this pre-Passover Seder talk next week) discussions and mini-tours. Meanwhile, follow the museum’s blog, as staff posts information of interest. This week it’s posted a short list of cultural institutions with a mission similar to the Maltz Museum’s — to share stories of diverse cultures and people who have historically been underrecognized.

Now the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is partnering with CWRU – Siegal Lifelong Learning and now offering remote lectures and virtual classes:

  • 4/21: Four Jewish Trials

  • 4/23: Jewish Musical Life in Berlin 1933-1938

  • 4.24 Plato’s Republic

  • 4/24: Immigration Legislation in America: Who Gets In, Who Doesn’t, and Why?

  • 4/27: There by the Grace of God Did They Go: The Kisch Family Experience in Shanghai and Beyond

  • 4/28: How To Protect Yourself: Topics in Consumer Protection

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