Cleveland’s Belt Publishing Offers New Books About Life in the Midwest

Cleveland-based Belt Publishing, founded in 2013, releases nonfiction books devoted to the history, politics and culture of the area of the Midwest commonly known as the “Rust Belt, as well as reissues of classical (both fiction and nonfiction) with a connection to the region.

One of its newest books is a collection of essays called Midwest Futures, written by University faculty member Phil Christman. It features 36 interconnected pieces connecting various aspects of the Midwest’s history, economy and culture. It’s one of a number of releases on sale at Belt’s website, books which can help you put the current crisis into a larger context.

Or check out the more personal (and Cleveland-centric) Rust Belt Femme by Rachael Anne Jolie. It explores the author’s own life and the various segments of northeast Ohio she traversed while dealing with personal trauma and tragedy as a self-described “queer femme with PTSD and a deep love of the Midwest.”

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