CLE Comics Artist Offers His Books for Free Reading Online


Local indie filmmaker/comic book artist Ted Sikora created a character called the Tap Dance Killer, an actress named Nikki St. Clair who is cast in the role in a horror musical but the role becomes more integral to her identity than she expected. He’s put out two graphic volumes devoted to her story, which also introduce a villain named Punchline.

Sikora sympathize with everyone going stir-crazy so he’s letting people read the books for free during quarantine. Go here to see them.

He adds, “please share the link on social media with anyone who you think might dig it.” You can also order a physical copy of the comic book and save 20% by using the code ROARING2020 at his website Hero Tomorrow Comics.

He also adds, “The actual comic book reading platform allows us to include video within the pages which is pretty darn cool. At the end of the book you can see our intro vids to ApamaHero Tomorrow the Movie, and more. There’s also an eight-page preview of our upcoming Bloom series which is now on hold with the rest of the industry.”

Check it out here.


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