Yards Project Show Explores How Art & Commercial Demands Mesh

Thu 3/5 @ 5:30-8:30PM

Last year, the Yards Project, whose gallery is the lobby of the Worthington Yards apartments in the Warehouse District, did a show called Trade Marks, which explored how artists juggle the work they produce for clients with their own personal creative work.

Now it’s presenting another chapter, titled Trade Marks II, featuring artists whose day jobs don’t leave them a lot of space for creativity but they manage to find some anyway. It looks at how commercial art impacts the avant-garde and how artists juggle their disparate demands. Artists include Bruce Buchanan who restores stained glass windows in churches, while creating his own stained glass pieces in the 78th Street Studios workshop. Jamal Collins teaches design thinking and adobe Suite to kids; Karen Beckwith is a Tamarind-trained master printer; Claire Campbell is an art therapist; and Marie Bukowski is director of the School of Art at Kent State University.

The show also includes the work of fashion designer (and CoolCleveland columnist) Dru Christine, commercial photographers Steven Mastroianni and Georgio Sabino III, graffiti artist and muralist Bob Peck, graphic artists Randall Slaughter, fine art consultant Christy Gray, photographer Rustin McCann, Jeff Janis, and Mike Sobeck.

Worthington Yards residents Geno Apollonaire and Trevor Yasinow co-host the show which opens with a free, public reception Thu 3/5 @ 6-9pm.


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