Talespinner Children’s Theatre Offers a Story of a Power Play from Cameroons

Sat 3/7-Sun 3/29

You’d think there were no more places for Talespinner Children’s Theatre to take its audiences and no more myths/folklore/fairy tales on which to base its productions. But you’d be wrong. They always manage to ferret out yet another exotic locale and intriguing tale for an author (usually a Clevelander) to turn into the basis for one of Talespinner’s distinctive multi-disciplinary, interactive shows.

Its next production is The King of the Animals (A Tale of Cameroons), written by Canadian writer/storyteller Gail Nyoka. In it, Anansi the spider shows up to claiming he’s going to be the town’s new ruler, facing off against the King of the Animals who uses cleverness to show Anansi the error of his ways. As usual, expect a riot of costuming, masks, puppets, movement, dance, chanting and more to make the story come to life in a delightful way.

Performances are Fridays @ 7pm, Saturdays and Sundays @ 3pm at TCT’s Detroit Shoreway home.


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