PODCAST: CoolCleveland’s Thomas Mulready Featured on Tunesmate

Marc Majers and Ray Schuck started the Tunesmate podcast to throw the spotlight on cool music you might otherwise miss. The theory is that we get stuck in ruts listening to the same music. And face it, those annoying algorithms feeding you exactly what you already know you like doesn’t help. Listen here

Join Ray & Marc as they interview performing arts innovator, technologist, speaker, and musician Thomas Mulready, creator of CoolCleveland, co-founder of IngenuityFest, and principal of This Analog World. Find out how digging deeper and understanding what’s behind the music can lead to a deeper appreciation of an artist. During this up-close and personal interview, discover how music can inspire, give hope during these challenging times, and bring people together.

Listen to the Tunesmate podcast here.

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