Akron Rocker Angie Haze Plans 12-Hour Live Online Marathon

Thu 4/2 @ 7PM

Angie Haze is one of northeast Ohio’s most distinctive pop musicians. The Akron-based vocalist/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has called herself and been called many things, often with the word “gypsy” involved. Her rhythm-heavy global folk rock is enhanced by her distinctive sense of style and theatricality, and her songs are marked by a confessional, open-hearted passion who commitment is impossible to doubt. Her Angie Haze Project has taken many forms and engaged many other musicians over time and virtually every instrument, providing a huge range of sonic textures.

Haze herself is always coming up with interesting projects such as a series of EPs/videos she released last year under the title May My Stories Be Worn Like Coats. So naturally she’s brainstormed and come up with an event to stay close to her fans when she can’t play shows. She’s put together a 12-hour virtual live music marathon, featuring herself, her band and other musicians she’s worked with. It’ll start at 7pm Thursday April 2 and continue through the next morning, when at 7am she’ll open it up to her bandmates and friend.

Haze herself will be streaming from her home studio where she’ll play old and new tunes of her own, as well as some of her favorite cover tunes. According to her press release, “she plans to play guitar and piano into the night, transitioning to peaceful instrumental music to comfort sleepless viewers.”

“Social distancing is so difficult during a scary time like this,” she says. “We are not able to physically comfort one another, really be there for each other. I think music can offer some of that comfort. That’s why I chose to do something ongoing like this, even through the night. I want to be there for those who may have difficulty sleeping through their anxiety, like I do. I believe that the healing power of music is important right now. ”

Find the link here or on YouTube @theangiehazeproject.

Viewers can contribute to her virtual tip jar on PayPal: paypal.me/angiehaze


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