Womxn’s Moon Circle Celebrates Pisces

Photo by L.A. Preserved Media Haus

Tue 2/25 @ 7PM

Step into the Womxn’s Moon Circle at Coven to celebrate, empower and honor the eternal feminine during this Piscean new moon!.

Invoking the water sign’s rhythms and creativity, we will open to the flow – sharing our stories and strengths with sage and palo santo – with guided meditation to deepen our creativity and Craft practice – with open hearts to promote each person’s sacred unity of body and mind and spirit – to swim in the stream of energized intuition…..

When you leave this empowering Womxn’s Moon Circle, you will be strengthened and inspired to seek out beauty in art, music, written word – and to create your own art!!

Read more about the Moon Circles here.

[Written by Donna M. Shimko]

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