Rock Hall Nights Brings Back Radio Days

Wed 3/4 @ 6-9PM

Radio doesn’t hold the rock & roll magic it once did, where you kept your ear on the station hoping to hear your favorite song, blasting it as your drove or listening as you did your homework in your room. Now everyone can listen to exactly what they want, when they want, with no intermediary.

But for people of a certain generation, the memory of those tunes coming over the airwaves is drenching in romance and nostalgia. That’s undoubtedly the people who will flock to the latest edition of Rock Hall Nights, with the theme “On the Radio.”

Relive the days when you heard that new Stones or Springsteen tracks first on WMMS, or a new band whose record you then rushed out to buy. No YouTube back then! Tour the Rock Hall radio studio with SiriusXM air personality Rachel Steele and enjoy radio-themed activities that bring back the old days. They’ll be pulling out an old boombox used to the Rolling Stones road technician from the vault; there’ll be DJ song requests; and two classic 50s Alan Freed films Don’t Knock the Rock and Rock Around the Clock will be screened during the event.

 The café will be open to purchase food and drink. Tickets are $21 and include access to all the exhibits.


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