Prosperity’s Special Lent Fish Fries Are Back for Year 14

Fri 2/28 @ 11AM-midnight

It won’t be hard to find a Friday fish fry in Cleveland during Lent. Although strict observance of this tradition is becoming rare, people still flock to the churches, restaurants and bars that have them for nostalgic reasons.

As Prosperity Social Club owner Bonnie Flinner, “We have guests who make it a Cleveland culinary adventure — trying Lenten frys at fraternal halls, churches and Prosperity, of course. Sitting down to a plate of perfectly fried fish paired with a German-style pilsner is a pleasure, not a sacrifice.”

For 14 years, Prosperity has been offering its fish fries, which will take place this year on Fridays from 2/28-4/10. You’ll find a menu much more diverse and creative than the bare-bones offerings at some churches: for instance, a maple bourbon glazed salmon with roasted broccoli and sweet potato mashers, or a sautéed shrimp piccata in lemon-butter sauce with capers over linguine. There’s pierogi, clam chowder, and for vegetarians who don’t eat fish, potato pancakes.

Because of the meals’ popularity the kitchen opens on Fridays @ 11am and serves until midnight, giving fish fry fanatics more hours to get their fix. Reservations aren’t required but are recommended, especially for groups.


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