Lots of Art Finds Lurk in Tremont During Walkabout

Work by Laura D’Alessandro

Fri 2/14 @ 6-9PM

Who says Tremont isn’t an art neighborhood anymore? Yes, it’s changed a lot, with way more high-end bars and lounges, and restaurants, along with little shops — but while galleries are fewer, those establishments have helped carry on Tremont’s artistic traditions with regular openings during the monthly Walkabout Tremont.

Laura D’Alessandro, one of the directors of the Cleveland Photo Fest, which debuted this past fall, is showing her work at one of those local eateries/drinkeries, the Treehouse. Her show, Chrysalis, features “photo constructions,” small dioramas that act as stage sets for exploring ideas of impermanence, interconnectedness; the magic and mystery of dreams; how our lives evolve — and a lot of other things.

After an illness she says, “I began to see lessons in everything — all my days and my nights were full of symbols, synchronicities and messages to decode. Once we realize that our physical bodies are constantly changing and not permanent… then we can create our own magic… We all have stardust within us.”

One of Tremont’s most enduring galleries is the funky little Doubting Thomas, where the art on view ranges from “OMG that’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen” to “Seriously — someone thought it was a good idea for THAT to leave their house?”

This month the gallery pays tribute to the Temple of Lost Love, a space under the Eagle Avenue Bridge that was once an artists’ refuge and served as a public art canvas.. Each of the more than 20 artists in this group show submitted one or two pieces about lost love. In addition, the show includes photos and videos from the original space. As usual, it should be … diverse. The opening will also feature music by Goodmorning Valentine and the Ohio Civil Power from 8-10pm. This gallery is usually still rocking after official walkabout hours are over.

Tremont’s restaurants and bars also feature specials during Walkabout so plan to come eat and then hang out afterward.


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