West Park’s SAYMO Gallery Moves to AsiaTown and Holds Re-Opening Event

Sat 1/25 @ 5-7PM

SAYMO Collective + Gallery, run by artist Kevin Joseph, opened in June 2019 in West Park neighborhood, just east of Kamm’s Corners. While it was isolated in an area better known for Irish pubs than art galleries, it mounted several interesting shows in its seven months in the same retail space. They included Joseph’s own work which he creates under the name Kheaven Joseph Kristo, and dubs “self-expressionalism,” and a December show of cat photography by noted local music photographer Joe Kleon with the chance to have him take your pet’s photo. In addition to cats and dogs, a pair of skunks were among those taking him up on the offer.

Kicking off 2020, Joseph has now moved his gallery to a new location where he’ll have some company. He’ll have a grand re-opening of SAYMO in Asian Town Center in AsiaTown Sat 1/25 @ 5-7pm. There he’ll be joining Gadi Zamir’s Negative Space Gallery and Tessa LeBaron’s Up in Space Gallery on the center’s second floor. The opening show is called Cosmic Consciousness: A Virtual Global Gallery.

He describes SAYMO, whose name is a tribute to legendary artist Jean Michel Basquiat, who used the tag “SAMO” in his early work as a graffiti artist, a “launch pad for emerging artists from all around the world.” He hopes to eventually include a record label and other projects under the auspices of the gallery.



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