Transformer Station Hosts Artist/Writer Discussion on Arts & Emerging Technologies

Thu 1/16 @ 6:30PM

Tabitha Soren’s name may sound familiar to you even if you don’t follow visual arts. In her 20s and 30s, back in late ’80s and ’90s, the fine art photographer was a news reporter for MTV, as well as NBC and ABC. But she gave up that job to study photography and dedicate herself to a variety of projects.

One of those projects, Surface Tension, goes on view this week at the Transformer Station in Ohio City, her first solo museum show. The photos feature images on a computer screen, overlaid with smears and fingerprints, to make a statement about our passing engagement with what we see on our screens and the traces we leave behind.

She’ll be back at the Transformer Station to have a conversation with Rhode Island School of Design professor Nora N. Khan, a writer/critic who deals with digital visual culture and emerging technology and a researcher on experimental art and music that use these emerging technologies.

The discussion will be followed by a Q&A. Soren’s exhibit has been extended through Sun 1/26.

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