Prepare for Spring at Cleveland Seed Bank’s Annual Winter Seed Swap

Sat 1/25 @ 2PM

The ground may be frozen or covered with snow now, but before you know it, bits of greenery will pop up — those early snowdrops and croci — and soon after, it’ll be time to get those first seeds in the ground, the radishes and greens and peas whose instructions say they can be planted “as soon as the ground can be worked.”

It’s really not too soon to start planting what you’re going to plant, where and how much, and that’s why it’s just about the right time for the Cleveland Seed Bank’s annual winter seed swap, taking place at St. Patrick’s Church in Ohio City.

You don’t have to bring any seeds to participate, although they are certainly appreciated. The Seed Bank brings plenty from its own stash. Tables will feature seeds organized in categories, and envelopes, labels and markers are provided so you can take just what you need.

In addition to vegetable, flower and herb seeds, you’ll find rhizomes, tubers, sourdough starters, cheese and yogurt cultures, kefir grains, kombucha scoby, house plants and plant cuttings — so bring those as well if you have them.

The event is free, although there’s a $5 suggested donation to help fund the nonprofit Seed Bank’s work in protecting biodiversity in the food system. And if you join for $25, you get to come early at 1pm and get first crack at the seeds. (Don’t worry; there’s always plenty left over. But it’s nice to have first dibs!) They’ll also have a collection box for non-perishable food items to donate to a local food pantry.

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