Lit Cleveland Looking for Submissions for Program on “Truth” @ Cleveland Humanities Festival

Through Sun 2/9

The Cleveland Humanities Festival returns in March, and once again, Literary Cleveland is hosting a couple of evenings of staged readings, taking place Sat 3/21 and Sun 3/22 @ 7pm in the Cleveland State University Student Center ballroom.

And Lit Cleveland is currently looking for submissions: short stories, essays, poems, plays, or any other literary format, under 1,000 words, addressing the theme of the festival, which is “truth” and answering the questions “What is Truth to you? Why is it important? Or is it?” (We can all probably name a very prominent American to whom it isn’t important).

Here are some of their examples of the types of topics they’re looking for:

Stories of truth and lies in personal relationships

Meditations on telling the truth under difficult circumstances

Tales of local fact and/or fiction

Experiences of fact-finding or exposing lies

Poems or essays speaking truth to power

Reflections on truth in American society

Opinions on the current state of truth

Commentaries, rants or diatribes about truth, trust, epiphanies, and the way forward

The pieces that are accepted will be performed by experienced local actors, with local professional director Ananias Dixon overseeing the performances. The pieces will be adapted for performance in collaboration with the authors.

Deadline for submissions is Sun 2/9.


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  1. gail arnoff

    Have you already notified winners of the “Truth” event?

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