Have a Musical Adventure at BOP STOP’s Outlab Improv Jam

Tue 1/21 @ 9PM

If you’re the type of musician who likes to use your instrument to journey into parts unknown, come down to the BOP STOP for its monthly Outlab: Experiments in Improvised Music jam.

These aren’t your usual open mic/jam nights, but rather group exploratory sonic sessions for anyone interested in a journey to the outer limits of improvised music, no matter what instrument they play or what musical genre they call home.

The format is as open-ended as the music. There’s no sign-in sheet or set lineup of performances. Anyone can participate as the music moves them or energy is exchanged between them and other players. “Groups will be formed on the spot in an open jam format, creating a laboratory for spontaneous interactive musical exploration,” say organizers and hosts Dan Wenninger and Tom Orange. “Instead of ‘rules’ that might pre-empt or short-circuit such explorations, we offer the following guidelines 1) to direct our explorations along the most productive and positive lines, and 2) to engage the widest possible variety of individuals from Greater Cleveland’s rich and diverse music scenes,” they add.

Bring whatever you like to make sounds with. A drum kit, piano and amplifiers will be available if needed. Set up is at 8; performance starts at 9. Admission is free.


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