Fiddler/Singer/Step Dancer April Verch Returns to G.A.R. Hall

Fri 1/17 @ 8PM

Her northeast Ohio fans just can’t get enough of Canadian vocalist/fiddler/step dancer April Verch. She’s performed at the BOP STOP, Nighttown, Oberlin’s Riverdog Barn, and numerous times at Peninsula’s historic G.A.R. Hall where she returns this week with her April Verch Band.

Verch’s music, which combines simplicity and earthiness with well-schooled chops, is the product of both tradition and formal musical training. Her father’s band played at dances in her native Ontario and she took up fiddle and step dancing as a little girl. As a teenager she began to win major competitions and attend workshops.

She went on to get a musical education at the noted Berklee College in Boston, giving her an even more solid foundation form which to interpret and build upon the traditional Franco-Celtic Canadian folk music of the Ottawa Valley.

Verch is now 41, and she’s been recording for more than 26 years with 10 albums to her credit, including 2017’s Going Home with multi-instrumentalist Joe Newberry. On it they combine Verch’s roots with Newberry’s Appalachian/Ozark ones.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door.



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