Denny Carleton Hosts Coffeehouse Night at Willoughby’s Fine Arts Association

Sat 1/25 @ 6:30-8:30PM

Local musician Denny Carlton is a lifer. He began making music as a teenager in the 1960s, performing with the Choir, among others, and experimental art rock bands Moses (1969) and Milk (1974). More recently he’s performed extensively as an acoustic singer/songwriter.

Along that long, long path, he’s acquired many musician friends and acquaintances, some of whom he’s brought together for an evening at the Willoughby Fine Arts Association gallery called Denny Carleton & Friends Coffeehouse. In what’s described as a “casual and fun atmosphere” where you can wander in and out and enjoy coffee and snacks, more than a dozen musicians will perform in various configurations. In addition to Carleton, they include Carol Linsenmeier, Jason Jenisek, Mike Fink, Jimmy Hoose, Diane Leonardi, Ken Eiker, Terry Mach, Greg Preske, Rich Harmon, Al Globekar (who was also in Milk), Anthony Vacaro and Tom Brehm of the legendary Dragonwyck.

Admission is free.


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