CreativeMornings CLE Explores “Roots” With CWRU Evolutionary Biology Professor

Fri 1/17 @ 8:30PM

Each month, all around the globe, CreativeMornings groups gather to hear about a topic — the same topic everywhere, with local twists.

This month’s topic is “Roots,” chosen by the Quebec chapter. CreativeMornings CLE, which moves to a different location each month, will meet at Red Spaces in the Superior Arts District to hear from Dr. Patricia Princehouse, who earned her PhD at Harvard, working with Stephen Jay Gould. She currently teaches evolutionary biology and the history & philosophy of science at Case Western Reserve University. She’s an advocate for maintaining integrity in science education against predations such as those of certain unevolved state legislators — she’s likely not a fan of their proposal to allow “information” from the Bible to substitute for scientific knowledge on exams — and a dog lover.

The event also includes a light breakfast and coffee, live music and 30-second “Espresso Shot Pitches” from community members about projects they’re working on. It’s free but space is limited so please register to attend. Go here.

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