Check Out Brazilian Martial Arts/Dance Form Capoeira at SPACES

Sat 1/18 @ 1-3PM

Brazilian capoeira identifies itself as a martial art, but it also incorporates dance, acrobatics and music, making it a sort of a performance art form as well. It emerged from the community of African slaves in Brazil to express the resilience, persistence, strength and creativity of their own community.

Explore this unique and intriguing skill at a capoeira community roda at SPACES gallery. In a roda (which means “wheel” or “circle”), artists perform in a circular-style formation. This event will feature numerous capoieristas from northeast Ohio, and while it’s not technically a workshop, attendees are welcome to participate as their skill levels allow, or just observe. People are also welcome to come and go throughout the two-hour event.

The roda expands on the theme in artist-in-residence Jessica Segall’s newly opened exhibit All Years, All New People, which looks at what people bring with them when they cross borders.

It’s free and open to all.


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