Three Local Band Leaders Join Forces for Songwriter Evening at Nighttown

Thu 12/5 @ 8PM

Three friends will be making some acoustic music in a casual, low-key format at Nighttown. Carlos Jones, who fronts the reggae/rock band Carlos Jones & the P.L.U.S. Band, Jen Maurer, who leads zydeco party band Mo’Mojo and singer/songwriter/guitarist Michael Rotman who performs as a solo act and as a member of feel-good hippie band Big Ship, will take the stage of Nighttown for a “band leader roundtable.”

These three avatars of positive vibrations will play their songs, talk about what influenced their writing and answer questions from the audience. They’ll be onstage together, contributing to each other’s songs and probably making wisecracks about each other as well. They say, “It’s sorta like “singer-songwriter” night, except with band leaders who aren’t always recognized as songwriters since they lead dance bands.”

Tickets are $15.

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