Ohio Burlesque Presents an “Intergalactic Space Invasion of Nerdy” at the Beachland

Sat 12/7 @ 8:30PM

If you don’t know by now, those glamorous burlesque girls are really nerds underneath all the glitter, rhinestones and feathers. They love their pop culture icons and love dressing up as heroes, villains and cartoon characters.

That’s why the annual Star Wars burlesque show put on by Ohio Burlesque at the Beachland Ballroom is a big deal — such a big deal that VIP tickets are already sold out. But never mind — you can still snag a general admission ticket, $17 in advance (which we recommend) or $20 at the door if it’s not already at capacity, or a reserved seat ticket for $35.

Cleveland comedian/author/editor/podcast host/college professor Ken Schneck hosts the evening adding to the fun with his audience interactive humor. And this year, the performers will not only do Star Wars characters but also StarGate, Battle Star Galactica and Star Trek for an evening they’re describing as an “intergalactic space invasion of nerdy.”



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