Mirth Stellar Regions Trio Takes Off for Parts Unknown at the BOP STOP

Wed 12/11 @ 8PM

The Mirth Stellar Regions Trio has a name that sounds mystical and esoteric, and that is sort of what this ensemble of musicians is going for. Composer/guitarist Tim Mirth formed the group — which also includes bassist Seth Boyle and drummer Holbrook Wiles III — to explore the long history of jazz improvisation, studded with music ideas gathered up here, there and everywhere.

That kind of describes Mirth’s own musical background. Since picking up a guitar for the first time nearly 30 years ago, he’s played classical music, metal, rap, funk, and jazz of all types. He’s released more than half a dozen albums with a Wayne Shorter tribute disc in the pipeline, and in addition to his own band performs with Night Terrors and Red Side Visible. He describes the mission of Mirth Stellar Region to “the soul of Coltrane and Hendrix into the modern age,” [touching] on their melody, inventiveness, groove, maturity, and fearlessness.”

They’re coming back to the BOP STOP for another performance. Admission is $12.



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