Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Announces Its Upcoming Season at Saturnalia Party

Sat 12/7 @ 7PM

We’re certainly inundated with holiday parties, fundraisers and benefits held by virtually every organization in existence, but isn’t it great to have some choices?

If one of your choices is cutting-edge organizations that put on offbeat, surprising events drawing on all the arts, perhaps you’ll find room in your schedule for Maelstrom Collaborative Arts Saturnalia, which doubles as a season announcement party.

Not only will Maelstrom showcase some of the work done by artists for its Mixed Media series, but it will share what new ideas they’ve got for the coming year. There’ll be performances, video and art by Conundrum Co-Op, Cassie Harner, Prentice Howard + Suyahlah Hamzah, Elaine Hullihen + Meredith L. King, Martinique Mims, Live DJ Muséus, Shy Moon and more from 7:30-9pm, with the “grand reveal” of the upcoming season at 9pm.

Of course, they want your money so they can bring off all their grand plans. So while Saturnalia is free, expect there to be opportunities to write a check or whip out a couple of bills.


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