Learn How Space Missions Can Get Smaller & Cheaper at Music Box’s Science Cafe

Mon 12/9 @ 7PM

The monthly science cafes at the Music Box Supper Club are presented by scientists and researchers, primarily from Case Western Reserve University whose chapter of the scientific research honor society Sigma Xi is one of the co-sponsors.

This month, the topic is “Smaller, Cheaper Space Missions.” PhD candidate Andrea Waksmunski and professor Jonathan Haynes will talk about new jet propulsion technologies. They’ll talk about how jet propulsion works — by throwing off propellant — and how technologies that throw off a little propellant very fast could replace technologies currently used in the past that throw out a lot of propellant slowly. This is electric propulsion. They’ll break it down to a level that you can demonstrate yourself to learn how to make these charged particles and see how they work. And they’ll discussion the next steps in harnessing this technology.

Science Café is free, and a full bar and menu are available.


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