KSU Museum Hosts Discussion on 60s/70s Counterculture & Mainstream Fashion

Fri 12/6 @ 2-3PM

The exhibit Culture/Counterculture: Fashions of the 1960s and 1970s on view at the Kent State University Museum throughout the current school year explores the fashion generation gap, between the eclectic hippie, mod and “freak” fashion of the younger generation, and the upscale, glossy, high-end fashion worn by the celebrities America’s “silent majority” admired.

At a Fashion Focus Discussion today at the KSU Museum, the exhibit’s curator, Dr. Sara Hume, will talk about the divergences in fashion of the era, as well their mutual influences. It takes place at Rockwell Hall’s Murphy Auditorium on the Kent State campus. It’s free with general admission to the museum.



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