Experimental Harpist Stephan Haluska Curates Noise Lunch @ Now That’s Class

Sun 1/5 @ 4PM

Stephan Haluska is a well-known figure in northeast Ohio’s experimental music scene, playing an unusual instrument that makes him unique locally: he’s a harpist — the big, stringed kind, not the mouth harp blues musicians play.

He grew up studying with one of Cleveland’s most noted harpists, Jocelyn Chang. With an MFA in harp performance from California’s Mills College, he’s well versed in various musical styles, and he teaches harp at The Music Settlement. But he’s made a name for himself pushing the instrument’s potential in non-traditional directions.

Haluska is the curator of the January Noise Lunch at Now That’s Class, which features a monthly lineup of experimental/improvisational/cutting edge musicians, many of whom combine acoustic instruments with electronics, as Haluska does. This month’s theme is “Silent Film Noise Score.” Each artist has chosen a 10-15 minute film clip which will be projected as they perform a piece they composed to accompany it.

The lineup includes Sean Holt, Serrated Slump (Maggie Duff & Pete Bach), Justin Gunter & Devin Hinzo, Jack Smiley, Marzi Margo, MAYB (Tony Yanick & Matt Bahnsen) and Halo Galuschumaka (Alec Schumann, Rob Galo, Stephan Haluska). Others will be added to the lineup.

It’s free, and yes, food is available.


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