Do Some Gaming at Akron Art Museum’s Open World Arcade

Sat 12/7 @ 11AM-5PM

The Akron Art Museum will be atypically closed this Saturday, open only to ticketholders for their special event, Open World Arcade.

The lobby of the museum will be filled with classic video game characters such as Mario, Pong and Space Invaders, as well as new characters from indie games, work that inspired the artists in the museum’s current exhibit Open World: Video Games and Contemporary Art. Not only will visitors be able to play indie video and tabletop games, but some of the developers will be there to discuss their games with them. There will be analog games to try out in the galleries as well.

“Open World Arcade is a great way to experience the Open World exhibition because visitors will be able to make a direct connection between video games and their influence on the work of the artists,” says Akron Art Museum’s Seema Rao. “The arcade and exhibition are opportunities for families to connect with each other on many levels, from talking about some of the dominant themes that recur in video games, to being able to talk to real-world, working game designers about the ideas behind their games, and how they do what they do.”

There are three gaming sessions: 11am-1pm, 1-3pm and 3-5pm. Those who sign up for the first two sessions may stay after their session is over. Admission is $24, $10 for museum members. Register here.


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