Creator of “A Christmas Story” House Talks at Music Box’s Cleveland Stories Series

Wed 12/11 @ 7PM

The 1983 movie A Christmas Story has become a holiday classic, and nowhere more so than in Cleveland, where some of the exterior scenes were filled: at Public Square, the former Higbee’s department store (now Jack Casino), and a house in Tremont which was used as the home of the Parker family, around whom the film revolves.

The house, on West 11th Street, is now a tourist attraction called A Christmas Story House, whose interiors have been restored to mimic those in the film (which were constructed on a move set). The work was done by entrepreneur and fan of the movie Brian Jones, who already had a business making and selling those leg lamps you see all over town, which appeared in the film. In 2004, he bought the house on eBay and transformed it into a replica of the movie home. He also bought a house across the street, which showcases props and photos from the film and houses a gift shop, and dubbed it A Christmas Story House Museum, creating a destination for devotees of the movie.

Jones is the guest at this week’s edition of Cleveland Stories at the Music Box Supper Club where he’ll talk about how his love for this movie led the non-Clevelander (he lives in Florida) to create one of the top tourist destinations in Cleveland. There’s also a $20 prix-fixe three-course dinner aligned to the evening’s theme, which includes cabbage stew, something called “Bumpkiss Hound” and pumpkin pie. There’ll also be a full menu and bar. Reservations are essential if you want to eat. The program is free.



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