Cleveland’s Eclectic Russian Duo Performs @ BOP STOP

Photo by M Neyman

Thu 12/19 @ 7PM

Both members of the Russian duo are based in Cleveland, but both have roots in “the old country. Balalaika player/pianist Oleg Kruglyakov’s are the most direct: he came to the U.S. in the late ’90s from Siberia after performing with various Russian folk groups. Pianist Terry Boyarski, who is also a singer and dancer, is an American of Russian descent.

The two joined forces in 2007 to share with audiences a wide range of Russian classical and folk music, from Russian peasant folk songs to lively dance tunes to the morose minor-key pieces many associate with the Russian sensibility; their performances draw on bluegrass, ragtime, tango, classical music, gypsy tunes and film scores among other things.

They’ve performed around the country — wisely, they’re headed south to Georgia, Florida and North Carolina for the winter — but you can come hear these two skilled, eclectic and engaging players when they perform at the BOP STOP. Tickets are $15.



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